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Have You Been Asking The Universe For Help..?

Hey my friend! Jamie here, you probably know me from YouTube. I am a Yoga Teacher & Spiritual Mentor. I help people navigate through their Spiritual Awakening. After an incredible awakening experience, which I later found out was a Kundalini Awakening, my whole world changed in an instant. When something so amazing, but so alien and unknown, happens to us naturally we seek for answers. It's probably the reason you are here.


I Know, having spent a few years healing my own pain and transforming my life, through Yogic and Spiritual Practices, how hard this journey can be if you don't get the right guidance. This is why I started sharing my knowledge & created some courses to help you along the same path I took because I know there is very limited GOOD help out there. I'd like to personally welcome you to my website. Here you can sign up to any of the courses I offer, personalised awakening coaching, or the free breathing practice you see below.

What Do We Offer?


Connect With Your Body, Mind & Soul

This is perfect for the a beginner Yogi, or for somebody who has been on the journey a while but isn't noticing much change. In this course you get sent new Yoga Practices (to be done daily) each month. This course is for those who enjoy learning from the comfort of their own home. You'll also have access to our live group Q&A's to inspire your continued evolution, and our pre-recorded transformational group seminars to enjoy at your leisure.


The Freedom Blueprint, Ready To Take The Next  Step?

This is our groundbreaking online course. It's for those who want to take their journey to the next level. In this course you will be given The Living Yoga Method Sadhana (spiritual practices). You will also gain access to our online workshops and additional study materials. You will also have the support of live coaching calls to help you dive deeper than you've ever gone. If this is the kind of structure you want, a full step-by-step blueprint to your awakening then you can apply below.


Change Your Limiting Beliefs, Change Your Life

I know the real transformational power of this powerful Sadhana (daily spiritual practices). This Ancient Yogic technology is specifically designed to bring clarity and awareness to your limiting beliefs. It also works to lessen your attachment to them so they can be transformed. This is the exact Sadhana that I personally used to pull me out of the Dark Night of the Soul in a very short period of time. This is why I am so passionate about it, because I know it's effectiveness and I am so indebted to my Teacher for sharing it with me. In the spirit of paying it forward, I would love to share it with you.


"Inspiring a new form of leadership"

"Now I am travelling the world, living my purpose coaching my own clients"

Sarah T

"I didn't realise I could transform so much in such a short space of time".

Sarah H

"Sometimes it felt like he was reading my mind"

Bez M

FREE Breathing Practice To Relieve Stress & Balance Your Energy

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