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From coaching clients

"I couldn't believe how quickly I could transform"


- Sarah H (Canada)

"I'm now living my purpose, travelling and coaching my own clients"


- Sarah T (Switzerland)

"Sometimes it felt like he was reading my mind"


- Bez (United Kingdom)

I love working with Jamie. He blends his intuitive skill with a thoughtful, consistent structure that ensures that I continue to grow from week to week, as I practice each new principal that he introduces during a session.

He uses his intuition to determine which principle best suits where I’m at, so his advice is never formulaic but has the strength of sound teachings applied in an engaged, personal way.


He’s sensitive but direct, highly intuitive, and it’s easy to share my challenges with him and receive honest, useful feedback. I’m so grateful to have his support on this journey, which can seem so unmanageable at times. And the yoga! The yoga! I love my daily practice so much.


I highly recommend Jamie’s coaching.

Catherine Boswell, United States

“When I was seemingly trapped in the dark night of the soul, I was overwhelmingly mauled by all of my inner fears, worries, and judgements, all ferociously attacking at once. 


There seemed to be no respite, no safe haven. In other words, I had become somewhat hopeless. This was all escalated by a freezing up of my physical body, as this inner gale wind had nowhere to go, or more accurately; I had no understanding of how to transmute this destructive vortex into positive transformation. 

That is, until I met Jamie. 


Jamie’s compassionate and intuition-targeted teaching quickly allowed me to “bypass” the internal war going on inside myself, and leverage it as a tool for spiritual evolution. I understood quickly that these tools could be used in every area of my life. I was also equipped with the yogic arsenal that was the positive catalyst for Jamie’s transformation. To say it is powerful is a tragic understatement. For the first time in my life, I was able to actually feel the pranic life force that I am and leverage it for physical and spiritual change.


I have since healed, and I am enjoying witnessing the inner sprouts of conscious awareness to bloom in the soil left by the aforementioned “wreckage”. 


If it were not for Jamie and his direct and wonderful teachings, I would likely still be trapped in the tempestuous winds, not knowing that salvation was just a stones throw away.”

Jack, UK

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Why I Created Spiritual Awakening Help

My intention with this website is to bring the best Yogic practices to as many people who are wanting it. I know, through my own awakening, how much contradictory information is out there. So it has been, and will continue to be, my passion and purpose to teach the systematic Yogic practices that worked for me and many others.

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