Over the past few years, I have worked exclusively with celebrities, CEO's of large organisations and individuals alike, both in a one-to-one setting and in group sessions. I serve to facilitate people's authentic deepening into their spiritual journey. Using intuition to guide me, I gain an understanding of where you currently are, where you want to go and the best way to get there. See, the spiritual journey is not "woo woo", it's systematic and requires a step-by-step approach, and everybody's path is different. To make sure we create the desired effect, we use ancient inner technologies, like Yoga & Pranayama, to transform your inner world.This, in time, begins to also shift your outer world too, as it becomes a natural reflection of the inner freedom you have cultivated.


If you want to take your awakening journey to the next level, then you are in the right place. I endeavour to serve you whole-heartedly armed with the battle-tested tools that served me so well on my own awakening journey. 


How My Journey Began, Why I Became So Intent On Finding Answers...

Hi, Jamie Munday here, I am a Yogi & Spiritual Awakening Facilitator. 

My journey into consciousness began whilst I was studying my Law Degree. After a break up with an ex-girlfriend, that I did not deal with well. I began to make some very unhealthy life choices that were not only hurting me but others around me and I tumbled into a dark depression.

The emotional pain I was feeling was fast becoming too much. My belly was almost consistently twisting and knotted, and my chest became so tight at times I was struggling to breathe. The constant tumble dryer in my belly and weight on my heart was overbearing.

I decided that suffering was no longer an option for me. I knew that I had to find a better way and in that moment of decision an energy of bliss traveled up my spine and exploded out the top of my head in ecstasy. After that, my consciousness began to expand in all directions and almost whisked me off my feet. After the energy had done its work I was with with a beautiful unwavering silence & peace. I knew in that moment that I needed to find out what on earth had just happened to me...


Because of my strong desire to know I searched for someone who understood what was going on in me. In my search I was led to my teacher Steve Harrison, who taught me The Living Yoga Method ®. Because of his powerful teachings I was able to:

- Heal my unconscious, repressed childhood wounds

- Connect very deeply with my purpose and passion

- Find a connection with my higher self's guidance

- Create a business doing what I love- Yoga & Teaching The Living Yoga Method ®

- Help others through the same journey

- Gain a holistic perspective of the spiritual path

- Transform my pain into bliss

- Bring some form of completion to my journey

Not only that, but I found myself re-connected with the excitement within that I seemingly lost as a child.

My work here is to empower open-minded people that have had enough of fear-based living, and want to reconnect with the happiness and passion for life they have seemingly lost. I am passionate about serving people who know they deserve better than what they are currently giving themselves, and who are willing to make conscious changes in their lives for their own personal well-being, and or professional betterment.

I'll finish with this... the method just works! Fundamentally, our issues come down to one root cause and that is that we do not understand our own consciousness. It would be my pleasure to empower you with the tools to go beyond your limitations & begin really loving living again.


Want To Work With Me? You're In Safe Hands

The effects that The Living Yoga Method had on my life were profound. Because of this, I knew that I had to learn to teach the method so that I could pass the benefits on to others.


After absorbing the knowledge from my teacher in a two year extensive teacher training course, I finally got my qualification. I am now able to pay this training forward to you. 

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Why I Created Spiritual Awakening Help

My intention with this website is to bring the best Yogic practices to as many people who are wanting it. I know, through my own awakening, how much contradictory information is out there. So it has been, and will continue to be, my passion and purpose to teach the systematic Yogic practices that worked for me and many others.

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